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My Dad Cheats On His Wife With My Mom! I'm Confused

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Hello guys! My name's Alex and I want to confess how, once, I almost ruined my dad’s new family and even had my mom get involved in everything. The story I am going to tell you right now happened because of my bad habit of poking and prying, as they say.

Everything happened a few months ago when my dad told me that he and his wife Mildred were going to have a baby. The news was really exciting and I was totally up to finally have a little brother or sister. Mildred and I had become close a long time ago. She is only 10 years older than me and we’ve always had plenty of things to talk about and stuff to do together. And speaking of my mom and dad, oh, I happened to live in an enormously happy divorced family. Even my friends would always joke around that my divorced parents had a much healthier relationship than their married ones, you know. However, there was never ever a second chance for my mom and dad to be together, or at least I thought so until one night.

Dad, as always, had taken me for the weekend and I was having a pretty great time all together with him and Mildred, until somebody called and dad said he urgently needed to get to the office. I stayed home with Mildred, watching girly stuff on TV, and we gave each other manicures. It was pretty late at night when I suddenly realized that I had left my notebook with my homework in it at home, I mean, where I lived with my mom. I really needed to turn it in the next morning and Dad still hadn’t gotten back home, so I called him to ask him to stop by my mom's house and grab it, but he didn’t answer the phone. I got really nervous because I would definitely fail without that paper, and dad wasn’t answering me so Mildred let me take her car to go and get my homework. She couldn’t go with me because she wasn't feeling well with all the pregnancy stuff. I promised to return fast and grab her something tasty on the way back.

I got really surprised when I saw my dad’s car near my house. I mean, he and my mom definitely have a great relationship, but they’ve never seen each other without me, you know. Besides, he said he was going to go to the office, not here. I didn’t want to think that anything bad was going on, you know, but thoughts were swirling in my head about what could be going on. It couldn’t be true that my dad was cheating on Mildred with my mom. Come on! Honestly, I didn’t know what was I supposed to do, so I just decided to return to Mildred, having completely forgotten about my homework.

All the way back I felt really awkward and was still thinking (and hoping) that I might have been mistaken or something. Eventually, when I got back I said nothing about what I had seen to Mildred and just immediately went to my room, pretending that I really needed to sleep. Soon afterward, I heard my dad come home and tell Mildred that he had so much paperwork in the office to deal with, not mentioning the fact that he had visited my mom. This made me 99 percent sure that the two of them were having affair, and I felt like this mixed and controversial feeling inside me was starting to grow. When I finally fell asleep I had a nightmare, which actually started with my mom, my dad, and myself having lunch at a fancy restaurant. At first everybody seemed to be happy and it was obvious that the two of them were together. But when we left the restaurant, I saw Mildred walking nearby with a baby in her hands and that made me sick.
The whole next day at school I couldn’t stop thinking about the situation, and the fact that I’d gotten an “F” for my missing homework didn't even bother me that much. At home I was surprised once again, but this time it was by my mom, she had a new haircut, a brand-new outfit, and a huge smile on her face. When she saw that I was really surprised by the way she looked, she said she had unexpectedly fallen in love with someone and it kind of took her by surprise. That was it for me. I couldn’t stand this kind of betrayal happening around me, so I just yelled at my mom, asking her how could she could have done such a nasty thing to me and ran up to my bedroom. She followed me, insisting to me that she would explain everything, but I didn’t want to see her or to talk to her and I actually just totally avoided this conversation with her for the next couple of days.

The vision of my happy parents and a miserable and dumped Mildred had been torturing me constantly. Even though deep inside myself I knew it was none of my business how the grown-ups in my life were going to fix their lives, I felt like I was a part of everything. I felt like I could be blamed for not saying a word to Mildred.

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