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When fleeing fails | Barber gets stabbed for a wrong haircut | Real Violence For Knowledge

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CATEGORY: Bladed Violence | Analyzed Content | Explicit content 4 (scale 1-5) - Rated NC-17

When fleeing goes wrong. A barber gets brutally slaughter with a barbecue steak - 3 times in the heart and one finishing move in the neck. See what went wrong and how you can improve your skills in fleeing. Some tips included!

Enough information within this video, so I leave it at this.

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In Moscow, an unknown person killed a hairdresser because he didn’t like a haircut, reports VESTI.RU . The incident hit the video surveillance camera recording.

On October 13, a man who wanted to have a haircut turned to a young hairdresser at one of the metropolitan salons. When the service was completed, he paid 200 rubles and left. However, the next day the client returned and said that he did not like the haircut, and asked for a fix. The barber agreed, but the man was again dissatisfied with the result.

Then the client pulled a hairdresser out onto the street, took out a skewer and struck the young man three times in the heart. Then the killer began to leave, but when he saw that the guy was still alive, he returned and finished off. As a result, the hairdresser died on the spot before the ambulance arrived.

It is noteworthy that the passersby looked indifferently at the crime that was happening in their eyes, none of them even tried to stop the massacre. The killer, who quietly left the scene of the tragedy, is now looking for the police.

As one of the clients of the hairdresser said, the young man was named Danya (his real name is Dastan Adekhanov), he was 24 years old. He came to the Russian capital from Uzbekistan to work.

Despite the fact that the stylist took only 200-250 rubles for a haircut, he planned to make a career in Moscow. Well-to-do people went to the hairdresser - they appreciated his golden hands, but he couldn’t get into a more expensive and prestigious salon because of his illegal status.
Now the former clients of the stylist are collecting money to send his body home.

SOURCE: https://gubdaily.ru/blog/news/ubijstvo-za-200-rublej-muzhchina-raspravilsya-s-parikmaxerom-iz-za-neponravivshejsya-strizhki_18/
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